Technical Support

Follow these instructions to configure your cameras

To initially Add a Network Camera

  • From the Initial Screen, tap "Settings" icon.
  • Choose the camera you want to configure from 1 to 8.
  • Do the settings by filling out the required fields:

  • Name Enter the name you want to assign to the camera
    IP address or URL Enter IP address or URL without "http://"
    Port Enter the Port number on which the camera is installed
    Username Enter the Username of the camera (case sensitive)
    Password Enter the Password of the camera (case sensitive)

  • Tap on the "Test" button.

To View a Camera

  • First configure the camera, following the instructions above.
  • Tap on the frame with the number corresponding to the camera you want to view.
  • Wait a few seconds while connecting to the camera.

To Move the Camera (only for PTZ cameras)

  • Just move your finger on the screen in the direction you want the camera to move
  • There may be a slight latency for slow connections.

    To View in Full Screen

  • Just tap on the second icon: the video stream will be displayed in full screen landscape mode.

  • To Take a Snapshot

  • Tap on the "photo" icon to take a snapshot.
  • The snapshot is saved in a folder named "IpCameraViewer" on your SD card. The file name is snapshot_yyyyMMddhhmmss.